mercredi 2 janvier 2019

year 1

1 year and first feed back of my solo adventures after great many years atPeclers Paris and Premiere Vision with a passion for textiles and trendforecasting.
This year has been a stimulating and refreshing reset.
I discovered the soothing benefits of working personal routines, still programmed early morning alarm, tasted the freedom and lightness of loneliness when chosen.
Collaborations have been set up, others should materialize soon involving trendforecasting, product development or set up creative workshops. I reconnected with pleasure the excitement of project delivery, lively exchange, table cluttered with bits of samples, colors, images.
I traveled, wandering around Paris, London, Shenzen or Tokyo, raised my head to look far, sharpened my curiosity and collected ideas to share.
I learned by listening to wonderful transmitters of knowledge, I admired brilliant intelligences, savored this intellectual approach to fashion, giving it meaning and substance. 
I also shared my experience and my passions with students or professionals.

Thank you to you who trusted me and gave me confidence.

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