jeudi 15 juillet 2021


Colorprescription, a luxurious box with enigmatic content, imagined by Claude Vuillermet and Sabine Le Chatelier, two recognized experts. This limited edition is available by subscription.

Each month, a unique color, available on carefully curated or custom-made materials to feel, to caress, to smell, to move in the light.
These astonishing textures with singular touch or evocative shine are accompanied by meaningful images, artistic references, literary words or technical notes.

The pleasure and appetite of color to inspire, trigger desires, to strengthen intuitions.

This creative and innovative remedy is the result of a deep conviction: to create desirable and meaningful products, we bet on the luxury of materiality, we choose to be daring, unique,  we intend to be surprising rather than comforting.

Colorprescription is aimed at artistic directors, CMF designers, strategic planners, colorists, stylists, and all creative people looking for unconventional sources of inspiration. Automotive, textiles and fashion, packaging, communication, beauty and cosmetics, leather, consumer goods and devices, decoration and architecture… and more.

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